Our Social Media Services Include:

Social Strategy

Develop a Social Strategy and Consulting

Audit and/or setup

Audit and/or setup of social media profiles

Content Creation

Content Creation includes copywriting and imagery that tells your brand’s story


Training & Workshops for those wanting to run it themselves

Calendar and Content Posting

Putting your content into a calendar and posting it based on your strategy.

Paid Ads

Creating ads with a single objective and putting ad spend behind it to reach your audience.

Engagement and Reputation Management

This includes responding to your audience and followers

Feedback and Reporting

Analysing and reporting on the effectiveness of the implemented strategy.

We specialise in three of the top social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

What is the process?


Step 1: Contact

Get in touch with us, we’ll discuss your budget, requirements and campaign scope.


Step 2: Paperwork

Based on your initial requirements, we’ll send a quote to you. Upon accepting the quote, we’ll send an invoice for the deposit in order to begin the strategy and campaign implementation.


Step 3: Research & Strategy

We begin by researching your company, competitors and target market to find the right strategy for your campaign.


Step 4: Implementation

Once we have the right strategy in place, we’re ready to implement the campaign.


Step 5: Monitoring

After everything has been implemented, we monitor and continue to improve upon the strategy to ensure you’re getting the results you want.


Step 6: reporting

Each month we’ll provide you with an in-depth report where you’ll be able to see the results of the campaign.

Our Portfolio

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Still have a few questions?

How much does it cost for social media management?
On average, our packages range from R3 000 to R10 000 per month, which generally includes a monthly ad spend, as well as a custom marketing and advertising strategy.
What is the role of social media?
The role of social media is primarily to connect people. It is a tool designed to connect people from all across the globe. The secondary function is to connect those people with ideas, services, products, and answers they may be searching for.
If people send inbox messages, do you answer them?
Yes, we answer the questions we can. Otherwise, we use the WhatsApp group between us and you in order to clarify what we do not know.
Do you reply to comments on posts?
Yes, this is actually very important for the Facebook algorithm so the more we engage the better your posts will do organically.
Can I do my own engagement?
Yes, you have the option to do your own engagement which we will then discount from your package.
What is the difference between a Boost and an Ad?
Boosted posts are run directly off your timeline on Facebook and Instagram, where Ads have a specific objective and do not live on your timeline but rather in your audience’s newsfeeds
I don’t have time to use social. Do I still have to login and post?
Nope, our services are designed so that we can take over your social media accounts, and you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business. Of course, you can go in and post if you want to.
How many posts will you do?
You will select a content creation package which determines the amount of professional content that is created.
What if I send you images & videos to post?
This is a value add that we give our customers at no extra cost, where we encourage you to send us as much of this extra content as possible, especially of the behind the scenes action.